The Owner

Hey there. My name is Morgan and I'm thirteen; I live in Texas. My birthday is December 1st. I have been web-designing for around three years, moving from dolling sites on to, well, this. I love reading, writing, watching movies and learning. Theology (I myself am Wiccan), mythology, and directing movies also interest me a lot. I actually become obsessed with things very easily; at the moment, my obsessions are zombies and the voices of Jesse Eisenberg and Paul Bettany. On the flip side, I hate math, people who don't listen, people who are rude, people who are ignorant, people who...well, almost people in general. Spiders, natural disasters and terrible things happening to me or my family (kidnapping, sexual abuse, accidental deaths, etc.) are my fears. I have issues. I know this.

In real life and sometimes on the computer, I am really shy - until I learn to know you, in which case I show off my wild, slightly obnoxious side and getting me to shut up is a trick worthy of a blue ribbon in Morgan training. I'm pretty blunt but people tell me I have a good sense of humor. More random facts about me: