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The holiday is over (and the ranting has begun).

Posted Dec 27, 2011. Filed under thoughts, holidays, books. 285 comments.

Christmas was good. I gave, as I mentioned in the last post, my sister a Barbie, a Barbie scarf I made, and a teddy bear; and for my mom, a candle and some bath salt. I got the following:

  • A digital camera,
  • Legion and Zombieland on DVD,
  • 5 books,
  • A dark purple beret my mom made me,
  • A zombie poster,
  • A manicure/pedicure set,
  • Nail polish,
  • A nutcracker,
  • Soccer ball,
  • A Barbie (from my little sister),
  • A set of 4 journals,
  • A blanket,
  • Some CDs,
  • And a few other small, stocking-stuffer gifts.
  • I always feel so bad about getting so many things and only giving a few. But I like to buy a few long-lasting things as opposed to a bunch of things that will be used up/broken in a week. What did you get?

    You know, I mentioned on my list up there that I got a digital camera. This is the first one I’ve ever had. There is a sort of communal digital camera in the house but I rarely use it and usually use my own, one with film. I also do not/have not ever owned a cell phone of any kind (to be honest, right now, I’d be super happy with a simple flip phone :P—as long as I could call and text, I’d be fine), a ‘reader’, a tablet or anything like that. I have a radio and an MP3 player instead of an iPod, a computer that I can actually see on instead of a miniscule laptop, and a TV and DVD player. I’m not even sure what an iPad is.

    Is it just me, or has anyone walked down a toy aisle lately at a Walmart or something and seen re-makes of tablets and crap—for kids? I’m not talking about ‘kids’ (I prefer teen, thank you very much :P ) that are my age, I mean little kids, like three or four. It bothers me. And those videos of babies using things like that that make everyone coo? They disgust me.

    I know, on the Internet, that it’s usually discussed as a joke (Ahem.), but sometimes I really worry that books will stop being published in paper and I’ll have to get a Kindle or whatever to read books. I like to turn the pages and look at my bookshelves and eye my neatly organized collection of books; a lot of people consider it fluff, trash, but I enjoy the way my House of Night collection stands in a uniformed fashion. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t carry all of my books with me at one time because I can’t read them all at one time. And what about libraries? What if money is tight and you can’t just go out and buy a ton of books? I highly doubt ‘readers’ have a renting option.

    Maybe the ‘Digital Age’ is more of a phase than an age and maybe by the time you or I have children, iPads and iWhatevers will be a thing of the past. But I don’t want kids (at least—I won’t until I’m an adult) and I’m worried about the now.

    Now I’m going to go read the real, three-dimensional, paper books I just got for Christmas.

    Rant over.

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