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Adventures at the Mall

Posted Dec 21, 2011. Filed under holidays, shopping, Yule, recipe, humor. 391 comments.

I went Christmas shopping today (I am a at-the-last-minute kind of gal. :P) at the mall. Before we got there, my mom gave me fifty-five dollars and by the time we left I had around six or seven left—and I only bought two things.

First, I went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop to get a present for Brydgette and I now have a confession to make. I don’t feel guilty often unless I’ve done something really bad or hurt someone, but this has been gnawing at me and it’s not even a big deal. :P The whole idea of the Build-a-Bear store is to, well, build a bear or bunny or whatever animal you want. But I didn’t build a bear because I feel too old for that, especially with all of the six year olds running around. So I bought one of the display bears and an outfit and got out of there as soon as possible.

Then I had to get my mom’s gift. Last year I got her bubble bath and some bath bombs (which are balls that you drop in the tub and the fizz up or something. Not sure) from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was going to go in there again but my sister and I made her some bath salt a couple of weeks ago (and I posted the recipe at the bottom of this post, in case you’re interested) so I went into the store next to it, Yankee Candle because it always smells so good in there. They had about three shelves of Christmas scented and colored candles but I went to check out the floral ones and got a medium-sized jar lilac-scented candle (See?). Finding the candle was no problem, but is it just me or is a candle that costs me $25 a bit expensive? Maybe I’ve just been living under a rock as far as normal prices go.

After leaving the candle shop, I walked around the mall for a good ten minutes looking for my mom, sister and Anthony, who came along (I mentioned him in a post closer to Thanksgiving, which you can read here if you don’t know who that is). When I’d split to go get Brydgette’s bear, they said there were going to Nomads, which is a really cool store that sells New Age/Alternative stuff like incense, jewelry, hermit crabs, and even (*immature giggle*) bongs. So I checked there first but of course they were already gone—my mom isn’t a slow shopper, exactly, and all the wanted was incense. Eventually, they found me; that’s what usually happens when I split up with my family or friends in a store. :P It’s not that I don’t do well on my own or anything, I just don’t do well when it comes to finding the other people. :P

Last Thursday, we went to the mall for pictures with Santa Clause (don’t ask why we didn’t do holiday shopping then, I have no idea) and I ended up taking a picture with Santa by myself because Brydgette backed out. I had to be in the picture mostly to convince Brydgette to come take the picture too. There by myself, I almost died of embarrassment. >.<

So that is the sum of my recent mall escapades, and luckily I won’t have to go back until next holiday season. :P Oh, and I almost forgot, happy Yule or Hanukkah (which I believe starts today; if not, please correct me)!

Bath Salt Recipe
This makes (around) 2 cups of the salt. ALSO; according to some research a friend made me do, table salt will probably work fine; no promises though, as I have never used table salt for this.

You’ll need:
- 2/3 cups of Epsom Salt
- 2/3 cups of dead sea salt
- 1/3 cup cup of baking soda
- Some essential oil or other good smelling oil
- Something to put it in (I recommend jars)
- A bowl and spoon/whisk to mix it in
- Food coloring (optional)

Mix the Epsom salt, dead sea salt and baking soda in the bowl. Add around 5-7 drops of the scent, or more if you need to. Mix it in too; I used a spoon for this because it starts to make little clumps in the mixture after a few seconds, which might be hard to break up with a whisk. If you’re adding food coloring, add it now and mix it. Pour the mix into the jar or whatever container you’re using, put the lid on and you’re done!

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